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Soil Testing Instruments

Know what your soil is capable of with the soil testing equipment range by Kaizen Imperial

Here at Kaizen Imperial we offer you the best equipment for your needs and purpose. With the new era or research and development and growing technology, you face the need to update you work ways by using the latest technology infused equipment. To acquire and obtain accurate and reliable results with a lot of more features that widen your horizon of work and maintenance, you need a good and optimum level of technology to aid you.We offer you the finest of what we produce after various quality checks. The machinery that we manufacture is crafted with finest quality of raw materials available so they offer you maximum reliability and support. Not just machinery, but we offer you a lot more. Our productions have significant features that allure you towards them. These features include durability and cost efficiency along with low maintenance. These features ensure optimum usage and customer satisfaction which is our main objective.

Measure the infiltration rate of water into soil or any other porous substance with our soil infiltrometer. We stock up on single ring as well as double ring infiltrometers so you have your options open. One of the most widely used methods for conducting infiltration tests is by using the double ring infiltrometer and it has various applications as well. Keep a check on the moisture content of your soil and maintain a desired level with the help of our soil tensiometer. Its light weight, So you don’t have to break your spine trying to move it from place to place. Our soil moisture suction and soil temperature recorder is just the perfect device to keep you updated about the moisture and temperature of your soil and makes it easy for you to keep the recordings and maintain a particular level as per your requirement.

Our range of products have many more devices that may help you get to know your soil and its abilities even better so get set and browse through our list. If you want something apart, we would be glad to have it custom made for you according to your specifications.

We guarantee that the products we sell you are the best of what we manufacture or produce. We ensure the use of best available raw material and resources. We perfectly and homogeneously blend intelligence with skill and workforce that is very efficient and effective and who works with sheer coordination to manufacture the product to the extent that it you will have no doubts or questions about it. We value your money and therefore know that you expect to see the level of results you are paying for and we strive to offer you just that and in fact more. Be certain that you are making the right choice by choosing us, so go ahead and select your needed product from our wide range.Let us deal with you and provide you with the machinery you need for your successful work. 

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