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Product Description

Snow Gauge
[ KI-46 ]

We have become one of the most reputed manufactures and suppliers of Snow Gauge. It is manufactured as per the specifications of the client’s requirement and needs. These snow gauges are helpful to measure the snow accumulation.  The device is available in two feet and three feet measurements. These devices are capable to be stuck into the ground and are displayed all year long with their decorative snowflake design.

  • Efficient in use
  • Excellent Performance
  • Compact Size
  • High Accuracy
  • Reliable Usage

     Other Details:

The device can be installed on stand support with its shield which ensures the position of the collector at a height of 1.5 cm above the ground. On the other hand, if it installed on a concrete platform, it rises up to 10 cm from the ground level.  The measurement of the solid precipitation collected in the gauge after it is melted. The unit of the measurement is millimeters and it is done using the measure glasses. . It is based on ISI specification No. 6806-1973.

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