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Product Description

Portable Indoor Air Quality CO2 Meter Datalogger
[ KI-43 ]

Kaizen Imperial has been one of the biggest manufacturers of general laboratory instruments and we produce a wide range of these types of equipment. Portable Indoor Air Quality CO2 Meter Data Logger is one of our best sold products due to its long durability and reliability. The equipment’s measurements determine whether there is adequate ventilation throughout a building and provide information on comfort related environmental measurements to conform to OSHA regulations.


  • Checks for CO2 Concentrations in Range of 0 to 5,000ppm
  • Calculates TWA and STEL Statistical Weighted Averages
  • Best quality material used
  • Long durable
  • User Programmable Audible Alarm, Backlit Triple LCD Display
  • Easy to Carry

Other Details:  
Indoor air quality meters measure temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, while calculating dew point, wet bulb, and outside air. These meters are ideally used by industrial hygienists, HVAC/R professionals and facility engineers that need to monitor indoor ambient air condition.


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