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Product Description

Pygmy Type Water Current Meter
[ KI-09 ]

The Kaizen Imperial is a one-stop organization which deals in all kinds of hydrological instruments in the entire country in the most effective manner. When talked about hydrology we provide all as we deal with it at a very large range and are also the pygmy Type water current meter supplier.

Our hydrological instruments contain the reel of cables manufactured in the best quality of various sizes starting from 30 meters to as long as 150 meters (sizes of 30, 40, 60 and 90 meters) along with two wires insulated from the contact. As a pigmy Type water current meter supplier, we are very conscious about the quality and this is the reason why we are the in-house manufacturers of hydrological instruments.

We are the largest pygmy Type water current meter supplier in the whole of the country and are even in exports of the hydrological instruments. Our hydrology is designed with the latest technology which works in every kind of environmental conditions having an automatic memory data storage system where the data can easily be stored along with date and time as per the ease of the clients in Microsoft excel worksheets format.

Moreover, the hydrological instruments contain automatic solar panel based rechargeable batteries which are which can easily be replaced. The hydrology provided by the pigmy Type water current meter supplier is such easy and comfortable to use and the data reading provided by them is so accurate that the results are as close as of measuring a tape of 5mm.

These hydrological instruments manufactured in two ranges, one is the shaft encoded and the other is the pressure type water level. Therefore the clients have a choice to choose the one which suits them the most.

Based on the above-mentioned features among the entire pigmy Type water current meter supplier we are the most preferred suppliers of the hydrological instruments serving our clients with qualitative performance and a long term warranty.


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