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Product Description

Leaf Wetness Air Temperature RH Recorder
[ KI-63 ]

Leaf Wetness, Air Temperature & RH Recorder

The system consists of a weatherproof enclosure which contains the data logger and power supply, and comes complete with a solar panel, tripod stand and Leaf Wetness, Air Temperature & Humidity sensors (One each). For the most accurate disease prediction the leaf wetness sensor, designed to mimic the surface area of a leaf, use electrical resistance to measure the level of surface moisture on foliage, whether caused by rainfall, dew, or spray. The leaf wetness sensor enables the data logger to detect the presence of surface moisture on foliage and calculate the duration of wetness. Offered device often used to determine the moisture content present in the soil. This is done by detecting the change in electrical resistance between the gold-plated elements of the grid. Moreover, the resultant value lies between 0 and 15, where the minimum value tells about the level of dryness and maximum value depicts the wetness.

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