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General Laboratory Instruments

Work with utmost efficiency, use general laboratory instruments manufactured by Kaizen Imperial

With the advancement in technology, you need to keep your research and experiment equipment updated with the advancements in technology. In order to attain optimum and efficient research or experiments results and even in order to grow as a researcher, you need premium quality advanced machinery to aid your research and experimentation work. Here at Kaizen Imperial, we offer you the best of everything we have. Our laboratory instruments are crafter with fine skill and intelligence so that they offer the best support to your purpose of use. There are a lot of features that add on to the services provided by out machinery. These features include durability and cost efficiency along with low maintenance. These features ensure optimum usage and customer satisfaction which is out main objective. 

Some of the equipment we offer includes the following with premium features as mentioned:

Laboratory ovens that substitute and provide for high-forced volume convectionof thermal energy and is primly used for its vast applications. They maintain uniform temperature throughout and ensure its stability as per the requirement. Process that involve application for laboratory ovens can be annealing, die-bond curing, drying,sterilizingPolyimide baking, and various other industrial laboratory usage. The general sizes that we offer vary from one cubic foot to 0.9 cubic metres (32 cu ft) with temperatures that can or may even exceed 340 degrees Celsius.Laboratory ovens can be used in a large number of different applications and configurations subject to the situation standing.

In our list of general equipment, we also have a muffle furnace which has an externally heated chamber. Its walls constantly and radiantly heat the enclosures of the chamber and ensure that the enclosures have no contact with the flames and would hence not be destroyed. They are perfectly suited to create an atmosphere that demands typical high temperatures. They are effectively and efficiently employed to test the characteristics of materials at extremely high and accurately measures and maintained temperatures.A retort furnace is another name for this device.

Amid the list we also have laboratory incubators that provide a controlled, uncontaminated environment that is free from contamination, for safe, reliable work with cell and tissue cultures. It regulates conditions such as temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide balance. Bacterial cultures are stored in Microbiological incubators that are used for their growth and protection. We sock with their various types and sizes that includehybridization incubator ovens,dry bath incubators with single or dual blocks, , shaking incubators, bioreactors, biological oxygen demand (BOD) units ideal for insect or plant studiesand a wide variety of laboratory test chambers.

We also stock on autoclaves that are pressure chambers. They are used to sterilize equipment and supplies by introducing them and exposing them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C (249°F) for around 15–20 minutes subject to the size of the load and the contents.Nowadays this device has a large number of applications, out of which, the most common is the pre-disposal treatment and sterilization of waste material, such as pathogenic hospital waste. Curing composites and vulcanization of rubber is a very effective and efficient and another widely considered application for autoclaves.

We strive to offer you the very best of what we can produce or manufacture. We ensure the use of best available raw material and resources. All our products are the perfect blend of skill and intelligence. We have a very efficient workforce that works with sheer coordination to manufacture the product to the extent that it may be considered flawless. We focus on maintaining good relations with the customers and therefore provide value for their money. You may avail our services by keeping our contacts at your nearest reach and be sure of good service offered. So begin working and let us supply you with the best quality machinery that suits your requirement and work. 


  • Kaizen Imperial
    Autoclave Vertical
    We offer Vertical Autoclaves in various specifications to suit the demands to the clients. Instrument Is Equipped with Pressure gauge, Pressure release valve, Water level indicator, and Perforated stainless steel basket complete with cord and plug.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    BOD Incubator
    Equipped with highly developed technologies and team that work in combination to manufacture and export a world class range of BOD Incubator in compliance with strict industry standards.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Distillation Apparatus Barnted Type
    We are here in services for our clients worldwide of Distillations Apparatus. Our products are well appreciated by our clients. Distillation apparatus produced by us is Double walled, Outer wall is made of mild steel, Painted with white stoving enamel and Chromium plated die casted gun metal. This is wide used in Laboratories, Chemical Industries, and Research Centers
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Heating Mantle
    Our durable and high performing Heating Mantle is made from mid steel and is being demanded by many customers around the globe. Equipped with special mineral wools to work on 220/230 V AC supply, our Heating Mantle is widely used by different industries for heating different types of inflammable liquids.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Incubator Bacteriological
    We are the known name for Bacteriological Incubator Manufacturers over the globe. This product is in great demand due to its robust construction and durability. Durable heating elements are placed in ribs of all three sides of Bacteriological Incubator. The product has perforated adjustable shelves and Extra air circulating fan.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Lab Ball Mill
    Laboratory Ball Mill is designed and developed for mixing and grinding purposes in many industries such as cement industries, paints, etc. We offer Laboratory Ball Mill in different specification to cater the needs of the customers.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Hot Oven
    We are introducing world class Hot ovens with the technologies and compliance to prove it. Ergonomic, intuitive interfaces, inner chamber made of stainless steel, durable, excellent heating capacity, high operational efficiency all supported by kaizen’s service representatives worldwide. Ovens are available in customized chamber size as per clients demand. The applications of the product are preheating, annealing, sintering and curing.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Muffle Furnace
    Using cutting technology we manufacture Muffle Furnace Rectangular using qualitative raw material which ensures high quality and performance. Light weight, compact design, high performance and long life are the advantages of the product.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Orbital Shaking Incubator
    We are the leading manufacturer of Orbital Shaking Incubator having double walled construction. Outer body developed from M. Steel and is painted with white stoving ename and Inner chamber constructed from S. Steel having ribs to grasp a tray. The product is installed with Digital temperature controller cum indicator for regulating temperature and many more features.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Rotary Vacuum Pump
    High Vacuum Pump used in chemical industries and research laboratories is available with us at competitive prices. Our range of High Vacuum Pump is widely used in various laboratories due to its superior performance. Noise-less operation, Free from vibration, Continuous working, Optimum quality, and Trouble free performance are some of its features.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Rotator Shaker Horizontal
    We are known for manufacturing, exporting and supplying the great Rotary Shaker. We provide the product at affordable price and good quality, this Rotary Shaker is demanded by many laboratories worldwide. The main components of the product are Eriynmeyer flask, Ball bearing crank shafts, V – belt, Pitch pulley, Heavy and sturdy iron angel frame, and Shaking speed.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Seed Germinator Single Chamber
    Kaizen Imperial is offering Seed Germinator with dependable performance in reforming test on various seed under various conditions at market’s leading price. The product is Doubled walled chamber with interior walls made of anodized stainless steel, The outer is made of heavy mild steel & finished with stoving white enamel and many more.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Serological Water Bath Without Racks Thermometer
    We are into manufacturing and exporting of Serological Water Bath along with other laboratories equipments. The Serological Water Bath is highly demanded in the market and appreciated by our esteemed clients for its unmatched quality and superior performance. The product shows features like Superior quality, Long service life, Easy maintenance and Light weight.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Shaking Machine (Reciprocation Khan's Type)
    We Manufacture, Export and Supplies Reciprocating Shaker worldwide to various universities and scientific laboratories. This reciprocating shaker is widely appreciated by our clients for its superior qua0lity and good performance. Its speed is unaffected by voltage fluctuations and provided with D.C motor.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Ultra Low Temperature Research Cabinet
    Double walled construction. Inner chamber made of S.Steel and outer mild steel painted with white stoving enamel.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Vacuum Oven
    Kaizen offers proven range of Vacuum Oven that is used in different industrial applications. The product is made using great quality stainless steel that ensures high durability. Excellent heating capacity, high operational efficiency are some other attributes of the product and Preheating, Annealing, Sintering, and Curing are some of its applications
  • Kaizen Imperial
    VDRL Shaker
    We are into producing VDRL Shaker. It is known for its optimum quality and high quality performance. The VDRL Shaker has the capability to shelter blood bottle slides or flasks using a spring holder. The product is used for V.D.R.L Tests, Blood grouping tests, and more.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Water Bath
    Kaizen deliver optimum quality Rectangular Water Bath to its clients worldwide. Light weight, Compact design, long functional life and Consistent performance are its major attributes. The comprehensive range of Rectangular Water Bath is manufactured using high quality raw materials and the latest technology. The entire body of the product is made up of stainless steel with doubled walled construction.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Wrist Action Shaking Machine
    Shaking Machine ( Wrist Action) Zoom 17 Shaking Machine ( Wrist Action) We are one of the prominent Manufacturer and exporter of Wrist Action Shaker. The Wrist Action Shaker is available in conical or round bottom to our esteemed clients. Low maintenance cost, High tensile strength, Good quality and Long functional life are some of its attributes.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath
    We have been one of the best manufacturers in delivering the best quality products all over the world. There are thousands of satisfied clients and they appreciate us for the reliable and long durable qualities of our products.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    pH Meter
    Kaizen Imperial has been one of the biggest manufacturers of general laboratory instruments and we produce a wide range of these equipments.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate
    The lab stirrers offered in our organization are out of the finest products in the industry and are exported and supplied to all over the world.
  • Kaizen Imperial
    Conductivity Meter
    We have always been well recognized as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Conductivity Meter. We have a wide range of this product in aspects of sizes, shapes, colors etc for our valuable customers.
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