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Product Description

Distillation Apparatus Barnted Type
[ KI-71 ]

Distillation Apparatus ( Barnsted Type ) :

Its double walled the outer is made of M.Steel painted with white stoving enamel and inner ( Boiler ) is made of S.Steel. The gap between walls is filled with special grade glass wool to avoid lots of heat. The condenser is made of S.Steel. the top of boiler is made of S.Steel sheet or Chromium plated die casted gun metal.

Technical Details:


Capacity Watts
2 Liter/Hr 2 KW
4 Liter/Hr 4 KW
6 Liter/Hr 6 KW
10 Liter/Hr 10 KW
15 Liter/Hr 12 KW
20 Liter/Hr 15 KW
25 Liter/Hr 20 KW


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