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Product Description

Digital Solar Radiation Recorder (Pyranometer)
[ KI-29 ]

An excellent quality of all kinds or products is available at Kaizen Imperial and we have established a distinct entity in the market for qualitative range of products. An instrument named Pyranometer or Digital Solar Radiation Recorder is widely used for the measurement of soil radiation. It is also capable for the measurement of sun plus sky radiation. This device is widely used in many areas i.e. for the analysis of passive solar system, scheduling of irrigation and for the meteorological, hydrologic and other environmental studies.


  • Easy and Fast Operation
  • Wide Utility
  • Weatherproof enclosure sensor
  • User friendly virtual application software
  • Suitable for mounting at different locations
  • SMF batteries with integral solar panel.

Other Details:
As mentioned above, this meteorological instrument is used to find out the exact amount of solar radiations received by earth. The measurement parameter consists of Date, Time, solar radiation and an LCD panel to display the exact status. Sensor: Calibration: 0.25 mV per W m-2, Range: 0 to 2000 W m-2, Wave Length Range: 300 to 1100 nm, Stability: 1 to 2% changes over a 1 year period, Operating Temperature: - 40 to 55oC, Sensor Housing: Weatherproof anodized aluminum case with acrylic diffuser and stainless steel hardware.


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