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Product Description

Carbon Dioxide Monitor
[ KI-23 ]

An exclusive range of meteorological instruments is manufactured and supplied to all over the world. All of our products are of the highest possible quality with the lowest possible price and this makes our clients happy and satisfied. Carbon Dioxide monitors with an excellent quality are available at Kaizen Imperial. This equipment is taken into use for monitoring the Co2 levels anywhere. This handy device is so common to be used in all parts of the world.  It is not used to know the air quality instead it just indicates the CO presence in the air. The process for monitoring is used in Heating & Ventilation, brewing, horticultural, food process etc.

  • Sensor isolation
  • Upgradeable
  • Accurate output
  • Digital Control
  • Set up of all functions
  • Clear indication of fault zone
  • Easy Installation

Other Details:

This device is capable to make sure that the working and living environment is safe. F any danger seems to be happening, it automatically alarms and indicates about the dangerous situations. This is highly capable product in preventing, detecting and investigating CO in the atmosphere.


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